It’s now that it is starting to become real. Next Friday I’m leaving this tiny country. Never seemed so tiny to me but compared to where I’m going it is almost as tiny as it gets. I don’t feel like there is much more to prepare before I leave. Some lasts things that have to be done and then I’m good to go. Just make sure I don’t overpack, I take the right things and I should be absolutely fine. It will be weird to say goodbye to everyone, because this time when I leave I will really be alone. I mean it’s what I’ve wanted for forever, to travel alone, to explore everything by myself, but it’s strange how it’s really happening right now. I feel like there is so much waiting for me on the way. I don’t know what I will bump into, what people I will meet, what aches I will have to endure, how many days I will spent alone or how often I will be scared. But one thing I’m sure of is that I will manage myself just fine. You can achieve anything. Without any regrets. Because regrets are a waste of time. What’s in the past is in the past and now it’s full steam ahead.

I will find myself on the other side of the world soon.
Can’t wait.
I’ll keep you posted.

x o x o  



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