Turbans, skyscrapers and sand 

This was it. My first night far away, sleeping alone. I did quite a good job at it, if I may say so myself. This isn’t my favourite city, from what I’ve seen so far.. They took me to the hotel in a minivan with some other men and what I’ve noticed is that none of them want to make eye contact with me, or speak to me for that matter. I don’t know if it’s a religious thing or I just look terrible after a 7-hour flight. Might be a little bit of both. From what I saw from the van, the city here is a mix between the beauty of 1001 Nights and a kind of failed Las Vegas. There are huge strange neon lights along the highroad with Arabic phrases on them. I guess I’ll never know what they mean. My next flight is tonight at 20:55pm. I can’t wait to be in the sun and lay on the beach.

Until then.

x o x o




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