Mountain dew 

Sydney was great, but maybe a bit too busy for someone with a jetlag. It was fun though. And I will come back there. The day before yesterday I payed a visit to the Museum of Contemporary art. There was an exhibition of this Japanese guy that I cannot remember the name of because well, let’s be honest, it was Japanese. The exhibition personally gave me a headache. The man made all kinds of things with flickering numbers in bright colors. And it was to represent some kind of life aspects. Well I personally thought it was a bit of BS. But hey, each to his own. The rest of the art in the museum was great!

After that I took the ferry to Watsons Bay to get away from the crowd. It was amazingly pretty, like a small town you would read in a book about or see in a movie. With perfect beach houses and tiny beaches. I tried to photograph some birds but they hated me so they just flew away (sorry Mom, I tried). Transport, opposed to all the other things in Sydney, is really cheap, so that is a very good thing.

So yesterday it was Australia Day! Crazy house (gekkenhuis haha)! So I left Sydney around noon and took the train to The Blue Mountains. After I got there I went for a little walk and went to see ‘The Three Sisters’. It was beautiful. There was a giant staircase which was pretty easy to go down on but the way back up resulted in some sweat. But then on the way back up the dew came flowing by in the air to cool me off a bit. It was quite beautiful. And the views were amazing. A forest almost as wide as our tiny country. Can you amagine! Really amazing.

After this little trip I just went to my dorm and fell asleep at 8pm. Stupid me, that’s exactly the opposite of what should be happening. But then I woke up at midnight and made some friends and then had a good sleep. And now I’m in the most amazing little hipster vegan coffee place and the coffee guy gave me a free third espresso because he saw me licking out the cup. Little love to this guy with the hipster hair and moustache and blouse. He made my morning. And had the most amazing eggs here too. Little love for the cook as well. ♡

I’m probably doing a little hike today and then tomorrow I’m leaving here. It has been a great couple of days. I always find myself in snobby situations where I am for example in Paris or Barcelona or wherever and although some people would kill to see these places, nothing really impresses me anymore because I’ve seen a lot and my mind is just in a mode where it says: “So what dude, this is not impressive, you’ve been here before and it’s nice but it’s not THAT nice.” And now that I’m here, I actually find myself being amazed by things. ‘Cause I’ve never been to anything like this before. It’s a different world. I’m really grateful to be here. And I want to catch as much as possible from it.

I’m going to make a beautiful day out of it. I’ll keep you posted.

x o x o



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  1. Thank you for trying (the birds) Mom


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