Wilderness love

I made it out of the wilderness. Back into the world of cell reception and cars. I had the most amazing week ever. Not quite as expected, but that’s traveling for you. You think you’re doing one thing and you end up doing another. So I spent about a week in the Abel Tasman National Park instead of 4 days. No regrets. I walked about 110 kilometers total, which is quite the accomplishment for me. I’m tired now, but I’m allowed too.
The most lovely old lady (who told me she had been to Scheveningen in 1960, bloody hell) just gave me a ride back from the National Park to Kaiteriteri. She told me the youth hostel she was supposed to stay in at the time was closed due to renovations and an old lady took her in and gave her an egg in the morning and a tiny tin spoon that she got to keep. And that was the beginning of her spoon collection. This woman had been places. She was driving in a yellow tiny car and was basically the old version of me. She understood me. Sometimes you can just tell. So thanks to the old lady in the yellow car.

I’ve got to thank Abel Tasman really, for this amazing piece of earth he discovered. It felt a bit like home. If not for my food supply, and my other travel plans, I would have stayed there for a week or so. But life goes on. Tomorrow discovering the Golden Bay and after that the Kiwi Experience bus is full so I might hitch my way to the next spot. I’ll see what life brings me. As I always do. Surrounded by trees and wind and see and sun and beautiful earth, I feel a bit closer to myself again. Especially after spending a couple of weeks with the same people on the bus and accommodations over and over again.

After finishing the trail (plus all the extra parts) I started missing the first things from home. Patatje oorlog and a frikandel speciaal. I’m still craving it, but time flies and I will be home again in no time to devour all of the dutch foods.

Yes, it was quite some week. I don’t know what else to say really. And even though the words do no quite speak today, because of fatigue, life is good.


I will speak to you all soon.

Keep you posted.

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