21st of February, 2017

In the red and grey bag
There’s a woman
Laying under the stars
And they seem
even brighter
Than on the pictures
Of the land
There’s a woman
In the dark
Shining bright
She lays outside
Silenced by ocean
And a snake
There’s a woman
all alone
She smells of power
and of love
All though her edges
are kind of rough
She’s much stronger
than she seems
Carries strange
and magic beans
Closes her eyes
And finds her dreams

20th of February, 2017

A clashing sound
The birds aloud
Sing me to sleep
In green and blue
Take me away
To paradise

13th of February, 2017

in the streets
Running like children
Thinking like books
Like ancient philosophers
Coming to life
If only, if only
What if, what if
Today will pas by
Tomorrow will come
And we’ll long
For the perfection
For the non-existing
beauty of
the faces passing by
They come and they go
And although it’s so
moves in a flash
The blink of an eye
Passing by
Passing by
What a lie
You, them, me
Passing by
Oh my

From above
Into the woods
The river
The soil on my boots
While the wind is
Telling us songs
With the stories
Of hope
Of dispair
Of eternal breathing
And lessons of love
The beauty of love
through the pain
Go on, go on
Keep going on
It’s yelling
the stories
Of how it
must be
To see
Through the eyes
of stars
So bright
They will give you light
to shine

in the dark
Lights going out
A scream and a shout
And then ‘click’

Whirling wind
Insanity and lovely
eyes of regret
and intensity of
yellowish clouds
in our hair
Hands running through
Hopping and running
the maze

12th of February, 2017

Jumping on clouds
Shining bright
through traffic light
Worlds upside down
Make love with
a frown
Running again
All or nothing
Hope and despair
Try to be fair
Flying and falling
All at a time
Reversed in a dream
Waiting for a beam
A stream
of lights
of sunshine through aching
Enough to be making
love again
in silence this time
Kiss me on the forehead
Pet my hair
Don’t try to suffice

8th of February, 2017

Falling up
ticking glass
we swing
and spring
in holes
So dark
in light
So soft
in sight
The leaf
from the
green one

7th of February, 2017

Take me to paradise.
Where the girls are pretty
and the fairies are loved.
Give me love and kisses and
wake me up when war is
over. Love me, love me,
kiss me, stroke me, hold me,
just hold me and don’t
bring me flowers, they’re in
my hair. The wind takes
us to tomorrow with the
long long skies and the
hats and the clouds and
I wonder, always wonder,
keep on wondering and wandering
and finding those new places.
I want to go on forever and
ever and never look back.
I want to be wild, be free
be by myself, let nature kill
me. Trust me in everything.
Float on the river. Swim
through the stones. The
views make us small
and trees stay so tall
’til humans will kill them
for use of their own, for
selfishness reasons in this
twisted world. Kiss me,
make me forget how this world
has turned out. I’m small,
I can’t do anything for you.
Hold my hand and together I
will get there. Fly in the
wind. Cope all the pain and
live it all. Someday may not
be, but hope mustn’t be lost.

31th of January, 2017

the eyes of the hawk
and the scream of those kids
a soft warm shower of thoughts

black pit
Loving, grasping, biting, licking,
hurting, healing, running, kissing,
breathe out and in and gaze
all day like the life is running
out, embrace
yourself in fires and storms
and misintended gardens of
thorns and spirals of hope
and close those eyes
all is really fine
don’t believe me now but later
never run.

White bird
Waves clashing
Water running up and down
the beach
Troubles washed away
Greatly overwhelming
Bundle of beauty
Collected in tiny space
With vibrant air
Running around
So young and so old
So far and so close
Come hold me
Just for tonight
the light
Will dim all but me
Flying to another
You’ll see

Without words
Not being able to
Screaming even
Help, denial
Help, screaming
I can do it myself
Girls grow up
They fight
For the right
To be free
Not being able to
To dance
To move in light
I fight
And fly
To Neverland and back
Under the stars
Of magic love
and joy
All is good
All is

27th of January, 2017

Weird fish
Weird fish do not swim in the waterfall
The waterfall transports the weird fish
The uncensored tongue and the teeth
The teeth and the tongue
Sizzling and buzzing and jumping through aire
Untouched esthetics
Please take us there
Somewhere between the clouds
of what’s been and ahead
The begging comes fiercely
Please, don’t you fred
Butterflies, dragonflies and
even some bees
And most overwhelming
The quantity of trees
Tomorrow looks great
Please never forget
It is in your hands
What is laying ahead.

21th of January, 2017

Some places
are dark at
Find peace
in light
And love
my sight

The first poem I ever wrote is pretty accurate for my situation now. So as a starter of this page full of my weird travel poems I’d like to begin with my first poem ever. Enjoy.

The view
I look
And all I see
Is an end
Is this it
Is there more
Am I blindsided
I keep wondering
Until I realize
The end is also a beginning
by D.S.


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